What is going on

We wish we knew. But once upon a time, we decided to make some ballet-inspired clothing for ourselves. Then we thought that maybe others would like some of these clothes too. So here we are.

You can also read a bit more about us here.

How do you make your clothing

Make all the clothing!

We make the kind of clothes we want to wear - quality pieces that are stylish, versatile and comfortable.

As part of our commitment to quality and social responsibility, our clothing is either made locally by small businesses, or made by manufacturers that adhere to UN labour policies and who produce apparel for top brands such as Karl Lagerfeld's eponymous label.

We try to provide our customers with the best materials possible, including fair-trade cotton, Italian tulle, French lace and Japanese satin.

Okay then why isn't this shirt costing me my first-born child

Because we're not Karl Lagerfeld! ;D

We also try to keep our operation costs as low as possible. We're not a giant corporate company. We don't have a brick-and-mortar store, so we aren't burdened by traditional operating costs. We don't follow traditional industry markups.

And, we're just going to say it - we make less money than traditional clothing brands.

It's a little scary, we're not going to lie. But we want to provide high-quality clothing at a reasonable price. We're really fortunate to be doing what we do, and we're grateful that people enjoy our clothing.

It's not really loose-change prices

We know.

We use materials such as fair-trade cotton, Italian tulle, French lace and Japanese satin to produce our clothing. Our clothing is either made locally in small batches by artisan seamstresses (for our leotards and skirts) or by companies that adhere to UN Labour Law standards (for our tops).

We try to balance manufacturing costs with ethical concerns and retail price considerations (also, we need some money to eat) to reach a happy equilibrum that tips in favour of the customer. Ultimately we try to offer clothing that people don't just enjoy wearing, but that are also value for money relative to the quality; we hope you'll feel the same way.

What money is this

All our prices are in US dollars.

What payment methods do you accept

We use Paypal to process all our orders. It is a fast, secure system that can process payments from all our customers worldwide, and it doesn't even require you to have a Paypal account.