At C&V, we strongly believe in being a socially responsible business that acts with compassion and kindness.

Our shirts and tops are manufactured in developing countries, by factories committed to UN fair labour standards, including:

  • - paying their workers fair wages
  • - providing safe working conditions
  • - not using child labour
  • - ensuring equality of workers under law, regardless of race, religion, sexuality or caste
  • - providing avenues for workers to discuss any grievances with their employers
  • - having regular audits to ensure compliance with these standards

We do whatever we can to ensure that the people involved in producing our clothing, from the cotton farmers to seamstresses, are fairly-paid and treated with the dignity and respect as is deserving to all individuals.

We enjoy using natural fibers in our clothing for environmental as well as comfort reasons. Most of our clothing has a 90% carbon-reduced footprint.